Established in 2006, our company has been a dedicated advocate for fostering responsible environmental practices among businesses. From the outset, our mission has been to encourage a conscientious approach to environmental protection, ensuring adherence to stringent environmental standards and commitments.

We are a team of specialists in environmental protection and sustainability, providing consulting and auditing services with added value and an individual approach to clients.

We believe in the power of continuous training and professional development. Each member of our team undergoes rigorous and ongoing training, ensuring they stay at the forefront of industry advancements. This commitment to growth empowers us to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

We are driven by three core values:

Our Team

Experienced Team of Environmental Experts

Peter Socháň - CEO

Peter Socháň


Elena Socháňová - Lead Senior Consultant

Elena Socháňová

Lead Senior Consultant

Marián Palai - Senior Consultant

Marián Palai

Senior Consultant

Valter Repka - Senior Consultant

Valter Repka

Senior Consultant

Ingrid Kopková - Consultant

Ingrid Kopková


Beáta Gáliková - Project Manager

Beáta Gáliková

Project Manager

Peter Sabo - Senior Consultant

Peter Sabo

Senior Consultant

Veronika Zeleňáková - Consultant

Veronika Zeleňáková


Petronela Debnárová - Consultant

Petronela Debnárová


Jana Miklošová - Consultant

Jana Miklošová


Quality and Environmental Policy

At ENVIS, we pride ourselves on a team of seasoned experts dedicated to delivering top-notch environmental advisory, consulting, and auditing services

Our mission is clear: to offer our clients unparalleled advice, professional expertise, optimal solutions, and effective practices across all our service domains, all while minimizing environmental impacts.

In our company, we have implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, committing ourselves to continuously improve our operations. We ensure consistently high quality of our services, which our customers expect, through the management and monitoring of key processes. Our efforts are focused particularly where we can influence the quality and environmental impact of our activities, thus contributing to preserving a favorable environment for future generations.
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ENVIS management stands committed to several key principles:

continuously improve and monitor the quality of the services provided,
maintain or improve the company's position on the Slovak market among companies providing advisory, consulting and auditing services in the field of the environment,
maintain partnership, mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with major customers and suppliers,
continuously improve the professional qualifications and awareness of employees in the professional field as well as in the field of quality of services and environmental protection,
develop, regularly review and implement IMS objectives and programmes,
maintain and improve the effectiveness of the IMS in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001,
communicate with government, local government, NGOs and other stakeholders to share environmental experiences,
apply preventive measures in environmental care and continuously reduce the environmental impact of our clients' companies' activities,
comply with the quality and environmental protection regulations applicable to the activities carried out by our client companies, legal and other requirements and the interests of stakeholders in these areas.

Binding Commitment: Policy for All ENVIS Employees

This policy is binding for every ENVIS employee. The company's leadership pledges to allocate necessary resources, provide comprehensive support, and conduct essential training activities to empower our team in implementing this policy.

Documented Assurance: Quality and Environment Policy

Issued by the company as a separate document, the Quality and Environment Policy is communicated to every employee. At ENVIS, we are not merely committed to standards; we embody a comprehensive commitment to excellence, environmental stewardship, and continuous improvement.
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Certificates and Expertise

Quality and expertise of our consulting services are continuously monitored and evaluated

Our expert consultants are consistently undergoing training and certification. This investment ensures they provide nothing short of first-class advisory, consulting, and auditing services to our valued clients.

All our senior consultants not only meet the legal requirements for required length of experience (e.g., performing the role of a water manager, ADR safety advisor, auditor, etc.), but also boast:

completed relevant postgraduate education at minimum second degree level
practical experience in the field of at least 5 years (average 15 - 25 years)

Quality Assurance: A Visual Commitment
Our services

Consultancy and services in the field of environmental matters

ENVIS specializes in providing top-tier consultancy and services in environmental protection. Our focus areas encompass environmental advisory, consulting, and auditing services in environmental, industrial ecology, sustainability, and environmental management, with expertise spanning waste, air, water, and ADR.

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