Environmental audit - a complex analysis of the environmental condition of your company – will verify its overall environmental behaviour. It is an important condition for sensitive exploitation of resources and improvement of your company's green image.

We will assess the environmental condition of your company in relation to compliance with the effective environmental legislation and propose measures for its improvement. We will evaluate the environmental risks and burdens and produce a set of measures for their elimination. We will verify all the possibilities for prevention of negative impacts and produce a plan of saving measures and rational utilisation of resources of your company.

The environmental audit will verify the areas where environmental damage may take place including:

What will you gain?

Complex information about your company’s environmental impact.

The certainty that your enterprise is in accordance with the effective environmental legislation.

Information about the risks and shortcomings of your company in relation to the environment.

Proposal of measures for improvement of your company's environmental condition.

Preventive measures to avoid environmental damages, accidents and health damage.

Proposals for strengthening your company's green image.

Estimated price

from €500

It depends on the scope of the consultancy provided

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