We specialize in professional consulting, audits in the field of environmental protection, industrial ecology, sustainable development, and environmental management in waste, air, water protection, and ADR.

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Environmental Management

from €300

We provide comprehensive environmental outsourcing and environmental management for your operations.

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Waste Management

from €300

We will provide you with comprehensive advisory services in waste management, including documentation, permit applications, and registrations, ensuring effortless compliance with legal obligations.

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Air Protection

from €150

Comprehensive advisory in air quality protection and compliance with legal obligations, from emission limits to record-keeping, without unnecessary hassle.

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Water Protection

from €300

Advisory services in water protection, including documentation preparation, permit applications, notifications, declarations of water withdrawals, and fulfilling the role of water stewardship.

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Environmental Audit

from €500

Comprehensive analysis of environmental protection within the company and compliance with environmental legislation.

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EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment

from €800

We will prepare complete documentation for environmental impact assessments, including studies, and represent you throughout the entire EIA process.

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Environmental certification

from €800

We provide support in the implementation and maintenance of various environmental certification systems - EMS ISO 14001, EMAS, BREEAM.

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Courses and Training

from €200

Individual and group training in environmental protection aimed at clarifying current legal regulations and providing practical experience.

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ADR – transport

from €500

Consultancy in the field of road transport of dangerous goods - training, ADR manuals, and the role of safety advisor.

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