Waste management consultancy, handling waste records, consent applications, registration, documentation, and reporting according to the Waste Act, all "under one roof".

We will ensure compliance with legal obligations in the field of waste management, such as:

We will handle all legal obligations, including communication with authorities, on your behalf.

As part of the inspection or audit of your waste management operations, we will develop proposals for practical solutions and recommendations (e.g., waste collection conditions, proper labeling and types of containers, assessment of storage facilities, etc.).

What will you gain?

Assurance of proper compliance with legal obligations in the field of waste management

Relief from complex administration in waste management

Minimization of the risk of sanctions by state regulatory authorities

Estimated price

from €300

It depends on the scope of the consultancy provided

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We specialize in comprehensive consulting, audits in environmental protection, industrial ecology, and environmental consulting services in waste, air, and water protection.

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