Stories of our clients whom we've assisted in implementing their often innovative environmental protection and sustainability projects. These narratives will illustrate our approach and the results that have propelled our clients' businesses forward.

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Client Experiences and Satisfaction with ENVIS

Trust in Envis inspires us to continually improve. Together, we achieve results that propel business forward.

Jana Malíková - Kaufland Quote icon

We requested the company ENVIS to review and audit the environmental legislative requirements that we must meet within our business operations. Their team demonstrated excellent expertise while also providing us with detailed and understandable explanations of our obligations, particularly in the areas of waste management, water protection, and air quality. Their thorough approach and ability to identify areas for improvement have been very beneficial for us.

Juraj Blaho - P R I M A R K ® Quote icon

Excellent collaboration with the company ENVIS, maximum satisfaction, and professional approach. ENVIS consists of a team of experts, and we definitely recommend working with them. They helped us very professionally and promptly with setting up waste management, especially with understanding the obligations imposed by the waste law and how they pertain to our operations.

Zuzana Garajová - BILLA Quote icon

The EnviSys application is an excellent and clear tool for anyone who does not want to fill out ELO, generate reports or ILNO, and much more in a lengthy and complicated manner. Communication with the creators is top-notch, and if we need something explained or adjusted, they are capable of helping quickly and efficiently.

Ján Vargha - Transpetrol Quote icon

The company ENVIS conducted the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for our proposed activities. We especially appreciate their professional communication, the high technical quality of the documentation, and their representation of our company throughout the entire EIA process.

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Reduction of Aerosol Packaging Waste

Case Study: Project to Reduce Aerosol Packaging Waste in an Automotive Industry Company

Efficient utilization of packaging waste in the network of gas stations

The project of efficient utilization of packaging waste at gas stations is an example of successful implementation and optimization of waste management at a nationwide level in Slovakia.